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Forthcoming book series on adoption, kinship, and culture.

Formations: Adoption, Kinship, and Culture welcomes scholarship across various disciplines, including history, literary criticism, ethnography, philosophy, and political and legal theory, as well as theoretical approaches that scholars have brought to studies of kinship, including trauma and affect, critical race studies, queer kinship, women's studies, literary close readings, and archival research. We encourage critical engagement with all aspects of nonnormative kinship (adoption, foster care, IVF, surrogacy, and gamete transfers, for example) and approaches that critically examine such central features of human existence as race, identity, heritage, nationality, sexuality, and gender, exploring how these constructions affect not only those personally involved but also, more broadly, public understandings of identity, personhood, migration, kinship, and the politics of family.

Book Series

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Guidelines + Submit

Advisory Board

University of Alabama

University at Albany - SUNY

Yale University

UC Merced

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maastricht University

Princeton University


University of London

Karlstad University

Minnesota State University

Carleton College

Advisory Board
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