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We are now gearing up to provide virtual space to produce content in which writers plumb new media for its representations of adoption writ largely—all nonbiogenetic/nonheterocoital practices for making family, including IVF, foster care, gamete and embryo transfer, surrogacy, kinship and informal adoption, and so forth. Family itself is a fraught term in our discipline, so we expect to think broadly in this space about what constitutes family as well. At our blog-space here we’ll be posting writing from adoption studies scholars who use strategies from the discipline to approach non-canonical or pre-canonical texts that belong in our field, to uncover the ones we’re missing as well—to reveal and address content we all might have missed. It’s our hope that this site provides new methodologies in the field, too—that we find more and broader and more sophisticated approaches than we are using or can imagine now. We’re particularly interested in ways of engaging critical adoption studies that avoid using adoption simply as a metaphor for other institutions or theoretical practices. We like to see adoption as itself in interesting, new, critically informed contexts and texts. Check this space, therefore, for periodic posts. If you have something you’d like to contribute, send it here and I’ll take a look. Use the subject line: ASAC Blog Post. Your post should be at least 300 words long and should reveal an awareness of discussions ongoing in critical adoption studies. For more information on the field, see Adoption & Culture, particularly vols. 4 and 6, or check out the conference program from our most recent gathering in 2018.

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